System Security

System Security Tips Following precautions should be taken when securing your systems against unauthorized access. Use strong passwords: Passwords is one of the best ways to improve security of the system. The password should not be easily guessed by brute force attacks. Password should be names or surnames which are known to all, while giving the passwords use characters, symbols and numbers. The length of the password should be more than 8 characters. Anti Virus: Install anti-virus software to deal with malware including virus, key loggers, Trojans, worms and root kits. There are many anti-virus software’s freely available in websites. Shutdown computer when you don’t use: If you use internet or broadband connections there is a possibility of attack from other connected devices in the network. So shut down or keep your system in sleep mode when you don’t use or when it is inactive....
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General Computing Tips

Below mentioned are the list of some computer tips and tricks Computer Buying Tips Computer Cleaning Tips Hardware Tips Keyboard Shortcuts Software Installation Tips Miscellaneous...
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Computer Cleaning

Computer cleaning and peripheral cleaning will helps to keep your computer and its components in good working condition and helps keep the computer from spreading germs. Computer Cleaning Tips: Following are the general computing tips should be taken before cleaning your computer and its peripherals. Do not squirt or spray directly onto any computing component. If at all you want to clean with spray, spray the liquid onto a cloth and then rub down the component with that cloth. Before cleaning should keep the computer off. You can use vacuum to clean the external parts dust, suck up dirt, hair. Does not use a vacuum for internal components of a computer as it generate static electricity that can damage your computer internal components. Do not eat or drink around the computer. Be cautious with the cleaning solvents as it may contain allergic reactions due to chemicals in cleaning solvents. Try to use water or diluted solvents to clean your computer. Never smoke around the computer premises. While cleaning fans you are suggested to either hold the fan or place something in-between the fan blades in-order to prevent it from spinning, especially in case of smaller fans within a laptop or portable computer. Spraying compressed air with a vacuum into a fan or cleaning a fan may cause damage....
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